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ACER PC Advantage 3 Y.

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ACER PC Advantage 3 Y. ons. 2bd Aspire (SV.WPCAF.A03)

ACER PC Advantage 3 Y. ons. 2bd Aspire


General indications
3-year warranty extension at our repair Centers.
Warranty extension with 1 year on-site assistance within 2 working days following the service call and 2 years at our repair Centers.
3-year warranty extension with on-site assistance within 2 working days following the service call.
3-year warranty extension with on-site assistance within 1 working day following the service call.

Coverage of the service
AcerAdvantage service is valid within the entire European Community plus Switzerland and Norway. This extension is not applicable in Eastern Europe countries for which specific / dedicated extensions have been developed and are now available.

Shared by all above extensions:
* Free Help Desk for the entire warranty extension period.
* Priority repair service.
* Right to participate in special offers and promotions at authorised dealers.

Particular conditions according to the chosen extension:
* Repairs at our service Center will be made within 5 working days from product reception. Delivery fees are at Acer’s expense and you will be reserved priority within our laboratories as an AcerAdvantage customer.
* All on-site repairs will be made from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.. Service calls to Call Center, indicated for your country in this manual, must be made within 2 p.m. Some countries may offer better time conditions; consult our Website.

Formality of purchase
AcerAdvantage must be purchased and activated within 360 days from the PC purchase date. The purchase date must be documented by an invoice or sales receipt and copy sent to Acer.

Formality of activation
Each AcerAdvantage booklet contains a secret code for on-line customer registration at website
Customers without internet access can register by directly calling the Call Center.

Parts covered by the service
AcerAdvantage covers all PC part defects that prevent product use.

Parts not covered by the service
Damages due to negligence or careless use, incorrect maintenance, maintenance by unauthorised personnel, transport in unsuitable packaging, any cause not attributable to manufacturer’s defects and small damages such as scratches, scores, etc. derived from routine product use are excluded from service coverage. The warranty does not cover malfunctions due to viruses or system conflicts due to the installation of drivers or peripherals, data loss for any reason.

In case of breakdown
In case of breakdown, customers who have registered their PC should :
* Contact the Call Center for the necessary controls to determine the nature of the problem and receive pertinent instructions.

For repairs at our service Centers:
* Package the product following the procedure described inside the AcerAdvantage booklet.
* Follow the instructions given by the Call Center operator on shipping / delivery to the nearest repairs Center.

For on-site repairs:
* The Call Center operator will send our technician within the time period foreseen by the warranty extension.

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